Federal History 2023

The 2023 issue of Federal History has been published on-line.  Here’s the TOC:

Roger R. Trask Lecture: What Federal Historians Do
Edward C. Keefer

The Policy Which Put Down the War Shall Settle the Result”: Loyalty, Race, and the Reconstruction of Missouri
Jeremy Neely

The Budget Bureau’s Administrative Doctrine and the Creation of an Independent NASA, 1958
William F. Finan III

The HBCU Revolution:  Desegregation, Disintegration, Collaboration, and Jimmy Carter’s 1980 Decision to Give Black Colleges Their Own White House Office
Cheryl E. Mango

Robert Byrd and the Iraq War: A Case Study of Senatorial Power
Lori Maguire

An Interview with Michael A. Olivas
Benjamin Guterman

Roundtable: The Deportation Machine: America’s Long History of Expelling Immigrants
Introduction by Maddalena Marinari.  Reviews by Eladio B. Bobadilla, Amanda Frost, Deborah Kang, and Yael Schacher.  Author’s Response by Adam Goodman

Reviews in Legal History

source http://legalhistoryblog.blogspot.com/2023/04/federal-history-2023.html


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