Chase Lecture and Symposium on the 19th Amendment

ICYMI: the presentations at the Georgetown Center for the Constitution’s Seventh Annual Salmon P. Chase Distinguished Lecture and Faculty Colloquium have been published in the Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy 20:1 (Winter 2022) as the symposium, "Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment."  The centerpiece is Martha S. Jones's Chase lecture, "Thick Women and the Thin."  The other papers were “The Politics of Constitutional Memory” by Reva B. Siegel; “Mary Lou Graves, Nolen Breedlove, and the Nineteenth Amendment” by Ellen D. Katz; “Gender, Voting Rights, and the Nineteenth Amendment” by Paula A. Monopoli; and “Revisiting Justice George Sutherland, the Nineteenth Amendment, and Equal Rights for Women” by David E. Bernstein.  In his contribution, Professor Bernstein notes in that Justice Sutherland's wife, Rosamond Lee Sutherland, was “a strong public supporter of women's suffrage” and ventures that she “may have influenced her husband’s perspective regarding women’s rights.”

--Dan Ernst



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